We help drive investment performance by improving decision‑making.

At Behaviour Lab, we help investors identify and reduce the negative impact statistical and unconscious biases have on decision‑making to generate Alpha.

What we do

Better decisions for better performance

Behaviour Lab is an industry‑leading software and analytics firm that helps portfolio managers and asset owners improve their investment performance and decision‑making processes. We provide scalable software solutions and advisory services tailored to individuals, teams, and organisations.

Our knowledge and experience in finance, behavioural change, data science and software engineering enable us to identify, quantify and help reduce the impact of statistical and unconscious biases to make better decisions.

223 bps

The average outperformance per year our clients achieved post implementation

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Optimising investment potential

Drive Performance

Our software products and advisory services help investors refine their decision‑making processes and thereby improve investment performance. We're not just about tools ‑ our focus is on your results.

Create Awareness

We provide insights identifying areas of strength and room for improvement for individual investors, teams and organisations to assess how more value can be captured.

Understand Your Edge

What sets you apart? Our data analytics helps asset managers and asset owners understand what makes them unique and highlights their competitive edge.

Build Efficient Processes

Our cutting‑edge software solutions streamline your workflows with aggregated insights and custom data integrations.

Gain Clarity and Transparency

Our work with you will create meaningful connections between your fundamental beliefs, processes, and decisions. This gives more clarity to your story and transparent communication.

Inspire Behavioural Change

We help clients achieve sustainable change in their decision‑making processes. We understand how hard it is to change. Therefore, we don't just implement solutions, we foster transformation.

Optimising investment potential

Behavioural finance meets software

We combine innovation in behavioural and data science with advanced software engineering and design principles to create customised solutions empowering you to make better investment decisions. Whether you're an individual, team, or organisation, explore how Polygon and Vertex can streamline your workflows and offer deeper insights into your decisions.

Polygon Visualization


Our innovative, web-based diagnostic tool that offers a closer look at your historical equity investment decisions with real-time analytics and more than 50 analytical modules.

Vertex Visualization


Our state-of-the-art, web-based tool, sustains unbiased investment decision-making for equity, fixed income, and multi-asset teams. Document, review, and improve your investments with tailored nudges and data feeds.


The people behind the numbers

In a nutshell, this work has helped me stay in the game. I'm convinced that my behaviour before this work would make the challenge of coping with this market environment even more difficult.

Senior Portfolio Manager at Global Asset Manager

This was the best analytics I've seen in the multi-asset space and it's clearly demonstrated the strengths and areas for improvement in my fund managers' decision-making processes. There were some real surprises in the data, which we will work on with our teams.

Multi-Asset Fund CIO

Partnering for success

Ours is a very human story. At Behaviour Lab, we understand that every stakeholder in the investment industry faces unique challenges. With a collaborative and tailored approach, we amplify the quality of your results.

We help you become a better portfolio manager

We help active asset managers enhance the quality and transparency of their decision‑making processes to drive performance and support long‑term behavioural change.

We identify your edge

We support asset owners, wealth managers, and consultants by identifying the unique areas of strength and areas for improvement for different funds.

$195 billion
The combined Assets under Management (AuM) of the client funds we have supported

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